Friday, June 22, 2007

Swim lessons

Both kids are taking swim lessons (swimming lessons?) Anyway, Kaylin was always very excited about them and Logan was always very positive that he was NOT getting in the water. Ever. Not once.

The first day of lessons (they're in different age group classes) Kaylin jumped right in and happily did everything her instructor asked. Logan sat on my lap, clinging to me. The second lesson he put his feet into the water. The third lesson his instructor grabbed him from the side (unexpectedly) and took him into the water. He stayed in the rest of the time.

Last night he jumped right in. His class is held on the steps so the younger kids can safely play around while the instructor is working with individuals. Logan still wasn't as brave as the four fearless girls in his class, but he did everything his instructor asked and spent all his free time ducking his head under the water. He even eagerly jumped off the side at the end of his lesson!

I don't really know why I'm surprised by his progress because outside of LESSONS Logan loves the water. He loves playing in pools- especially on the steps. I have no idea why he feared lessons, but hopefully he'll enjoy them and learn how to swim.

Kaylin's doing well but would prefer to dog paddle or swim underwater rather than learn proper floating and stroke techniques. I imagine that will come with time...

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