Saturday, January 30, 2010

Surviving the DMV and MRI

Weeeeehaw! I'm off work for a week. I'm planning on road tripping to a couple of zoos in Indiana on Tuesday and Wednesday, but have no other plans for the week. I'm going to try to go through lots of toys and junk and clean the house. Good times.

I had an MRI on my foot this morning. The cortisone shot did nothing for my pain. The larger dosage of my painkiller did nothing but give me headaches. I certainly don't want to have surgery or wear a cast or do anything that will inconvenience me in any way, but I suppose I hope something is found and my treatment can be adjusted and my foot "fixed." I'm tired of my stupid foot running my entire life!

I learned a hard lesson this morning. I realized at 11:15 that I needed to go to the DMV today or my license sticker would be expired before they are open again. Me and 100 other procrastinators! The line wound around the established queueing barriers and then halfway around the building and down a hallway. I arrived at 11:30 and took my place in line. By noon (closing time) I was about 5 people from the front. The clerks promptly closed down their stations. The line was like "No Way!" Then about 5 minutes later, two more workers meandered over and slowly reopened ONE of the two lines. One said she was going to open a line but then disappeared. The line behind me was now even longer than when I arrived. I was finally called and since I had my check filled out and my form signed, it took about 20 seconds to get my sticker. Normally, I send in my renewal within a couple of days after I receive it. For some reason I forgot this time. Then I've put off going the past two weekends because I hate the DMV so, so much. I will not make this mistake again! At least for a couple of years...

Yesterday Tiger the cat turned one. The kids are getting ready for a big party this afternoon. We bought a pack of ice cream cupcakes from Cold Stone Creamery and Kaylin is making a banner. We bought Tiger a crinkly kitty tunnel for his present. Poor cat isn't actually enjoying all of the extra attention and hugs and carrying and smooches and squeezes. The neighbor kids are also in on the loving Tiger action. He is so tolerant of abuse. I think they could dress him up and he'd just sit there. A good kitty for sure!

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