Friday, January 22, 2010

Stupid foot

The neighbors came to my rescue and helped push the car out of the yard. I salted the driveway, dug out the snow under my car and used cardboard for traction, but I just couldn't pull it over the small drop from driveway to yard without a push. The kids were thrilled for a day off of school. Gene was happy he didn't have to leave work early. I was happy to get to my doctor appointment on time and in my own car.

My foot has been flaring up for the past few weeks. No amount of stretching, taping shoe changes, rest, ANYTHING is helping. I finally agreed to a cortisone shot. I had read that a cortisone shot can break down the fat pad in your foot so I held off, thinking temporary pain was better than whatever pain I'd experience from losing my fat pad. The doctor rolled his eyes at my "internet knowledge" and said that in his 30 years he'd never had that happen to anyone and that only a prolonged series of injections would cause that to happen. Fortunately, seconds after this conversation he asked me to "remove my shirt" and I got a good laugh at his slip-up. (He of course meant sock.) He was soooo embarrassed and it was fun to tease the pompous old know-it-all :) I really like the guy, but like most doctors I've encountered, he's a pompous know-it all.

So anyway, I agreed to the shot. The nurse brought in a small syringe (is there such a thing as a 2cc syringe? It looked bigger than 1cc and smaller than 3cc) with a long, long needle. The needle was small in gauge, but looong. I have heard so many things about how painful a cortisone injection is I was pretty worried. I knew from the syringe size and how much liquid was inside that it was going to be a slow injection. I looked at the syringe and needle for another 10 minutes until Dr. Dirty Old Man made his way back into the room. The nurse had already scrubbed my foot, but Doc sprayed something all over my heel and arch area. I have no idea if it was just alcohol or something to numb it? He tried reclining my chair so I couldn't watch, but I sat up and watched anyway. He pushed the needle all the way in! I thought it would exit through the top of my foot, but apparently my weenie mind was embellishing the actual needle length. The injection didn't hurt at all! I felt a tiny needle prick, but no stinging or burning or anything from the cortisone. I asked him when it was going to start hurting? I was serious. I was waiting for some delayed reaction of extreme burning or pain. Nope.

I felt an immediate difference in the plantar fasciitis pain, but I now have a different kind of pain that's hard to describe. It's a weird pressure that's more annoying than painful. I didn't sleep well last night because I couldn't rest my foot on anything without being bothered by the pressure. I even tried lying on my stomach with my feet hanging off the bed, but the weight of the blanket triggered the pressure sensation. I now have that weird tension in my back from clenching my body in weird ways all night. The pressure pain in my foot is the same and I have that strange "nervousness" that goes along with the back tension. Ugh. Hopefully this weirdness will wear off today! I have another appointment next Thursday and if everything hasn't improved from the shot, I'll be sent for an MRI. Ugh again. I do not want to end up having surgery!!!

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