Monday, January 4, 2010

Chipmunk lover

I was apparently wrong about Kaylin not having a virus. By early Friday afternoon Logan was lying flat on the kitchen floor in obvious misery. He spent the afternoon and evening vomiting. I'm extremely glad we skipped the Belsley Christmas on New Year's Day because we would have exposed at least a dozen kids to the puke virus. The puke virus that likely would have hit during their plane/car rides home the following day. You're welcome.

Anyway, Logan woke up the following morning bouncy and happy and begging to go out to breakfast because he was so hungry. NO! Take it slow and easy on the food and drink! He was completely fine, though. Both kids still have lingering colds, but are way past the stay home from school point.

For reasons I'll never understand, Logan turned the freezer off. There is a switch inside the fridge that adjusts the freezer temperature and Logan turned it all the way to off. I'm assuming this must have been Thursday evening when we got home from Chicago because by Saturday morning when I was making a grocery list and checked the freezer, nearly everything was ruined. Over the past several weeks I'd been making an effort to empty the freezer because it had been crammed full, but I still pitched plenty of food. At first I assumed the freezer had just gone bad and I called Gene to check it out. He said "Oh, Logan told me he turned the freezer off, but I ignored him." Um... C'mon! He didn't say he was having a tea party with unicorns in his room! I would rank "I turned off the freezer" in the same category as "The toilet's overflowing!" Oh well, I guess we'll add this to the Mysteries of Parenthood file. I'm pretty sure this won't happen again, but who knows?

And finally, my secret confession... I took the kids to see Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Squeakquel and I liked it. I didn't fall asleep, I laughed, I actually liked it. Even Logan, hater of movies, who only came along because he wanted popcorn liked it. He wants to see it again. I wouldn't go that far, but yep, I liked it.

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