Friday, January 15, 2010

Lamest post ever

Logan discovered that if he globs on lotion and wears socks on his hands all night, his hands and wrists are much less dry. No more cracks or bleeding, no more scabby wrists. Yeah!

That was about the most exciting thing that happened in the Turner household this week. Work, school, lots and lots of Mario Kart. Kaylin finished reading the first Harry Potter book. We watched the movie. She's really excited about it and started on the second book. I love Harry Potter so much, but can't even imagine how great it must be for Kaylin, who pretty much lives in a fantasy world :)

My foot is flaring up again, so I'm planning a boring weekend of relaxation. I finally got a haircut this morning. Yep. I'm even boring myself. I think the cats and I will go take a nap.

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