Sunday, August 2, 2009

facebook honeymoon

Lynne's been pestering me to join Facebook for I dunno, maybe a month? I'd groan and roll my eyes and delete the email :) I finally broke down and joined on Friday morning. I've blown a ridiculous portion of my weekend looking at family photos of high school classmates I haven't thought about in nearly 20 years. I've also found former coworkers I've lost touch with and even set a lunch date with one. It's totally addicting because everyone has a unique friends list and different people are popping up all the time. I haven't even scratched the surface of my family. So come friend me and check out my photos and find out my favorite books, movies and tv shows, lol.

Yesterday was back to school clothes shopping day. I was thrilled when I heard the school district was switching to uniforms, but man, they are NOT fun to shop for. Do you like these completely plain pants, these completely plain shorts, these completely plain capris or this completely plain skirt? No. I mean, I know you don't LIKE any of them, but which ones do you want? None of them. Ok, I know you don't want ANY of them, but you have to have clothes for school. Do you want skirts, pants or shorts? No. Ok, child, you must have one of these plain navy or khaki pieces of cloth to cover your underwear while attending school. Skirt, pants or shorts? I hate them all. Well, duh. I am now going to lose it and start beating you with a plastic hanger in the middle of Target!!!

Logan's pants were much easier because my only choices were shorts and plain or pleated pants. I grabbed navy and khaki shorts and navy and khaki plain-fronted pants and moved on. We then hit the shoe store. Logan knew exactly what he wanted, tried them on and was done. Kaylin knew she was bitter she'd no longer be able to wear Crocs. We tried on 7000 pairs of shoes and they all felt TERRIBLE. I finally found a pair of plainish white Nikes and while they still felt TERRIBLE, they felt better than the others. Done. Then Logan ran up and asked why she was trying on BOY shoes. I am now going to lose it and start throwing those packets of "Do not eat" drying crystals at you in the middle of Shoe Carnival!!!

Hi. My name is Susy and I hate shopping for back to school clothes just as much now as I did when I was a kid. Amen.

I met Jenny and her kids at Splashdown on Friday. My kids were already there with Camp Zone. While it was great to catch up with Jenny, I completely don't understand the appeal of floating around the lazy river crammed with a bajillion other people. I am so completely done with water parks I will for sure have to rethink our mini-vacation in a few weeks. I don't want to swim again for at least several months! Oh, and despite slathering myself with SPF 50, my back (that hasn't seen direct sunlight in years) got completely fried.

Hi. My name is Susy and I hate outdoor public waterparks despite the fact that I loved them as a kid. Eh, at least the kids had a GREAT time. They got to play with their camp friends AND Jenny's kids.

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