Wednesday, August 26, 2009

40 before 40 revisited

I've been meaning to update my list for a while and now that I'm almost 37 (and have the day off) it seems like a good time.

40 before 40
A list of 40 things to accomplish before turning 40 on 10/29/2012
1. Overcome walkingstick phobia- some progress but still eewwwwwwww
2. Vacation without kids for at least 3 days- DONE (Nashville 9/08)
3. Vacation by myself for at least 3 days- DONE (see above)
4. Vacation with kids somewhere other than Walt Disney World- DONE
5. Start college savings for both kids
6. Organize and declutter entire house-LOL
7. Furnish at least one room with "real" non-hand-me-down furniture- DONE (and now looks old...)
8. Establish savings account-DONE
9. Avoid acquiring ANY new dogs, small mammals or birds-so far, so good, but I should have originally added cats
10. Meal plan for an entire month- probably least likely to happen of entire list
11. Keep weight at or below current weight
12. No fast food for two months straight- yikes
13. Regulate sleep schedule-hmmm, bed at 8:30, up at 4?
14. Establish daily exercise program- Did it and stopped doing it
15. Figure out how to balance family/work/kids activities/personal time-I'm getting better, but will probably never figure this one out!
16. Go to Yellowstone or Grand Canyon
17. Visit a friend or family member out of state- DONE
18. Do something every day that takes me out of my comfort zone-A work in progress, but yeah, I'm doing it.
19. Write a book-even if only for myself
20. Buy a video camera and actually use it- I bought one and shot video of the tigers tearing apart bags of feathers. I have not used it on my human children :(
21. Hang family pictures-DONE
22. Learn to play piano or guitar
23. Read the classics I've never read- working on it.
24. Eat the daily food pyramid recommendations of fruits and vegetables- did it for a year and then slacked off
25. Increase wardrobe to include DECENT outfits for every season and occasion- hee hee, nope
26. Get up close to a giant anteater- DONE. Twice
27. Take kids to see the eagles near the dam in Burlington
28. Run in a Zoo Run Run- DONE (9/08) Will likely never do again thankyouverymuch.
29. Find a place to see wild otters
30. Learn how to buy and cook meat other than hamburger and chicken breasts
31. Make and freeze a week's worth of meals and then actually eat them
32. Refrain from starting any new collections- so far, so good
33. Organize photos into albums or scrapbooks
34. Learn to identify trees- working on it
35. Go to a concert- I can't believe I haven't accomplished this one!
36. Regularly keep a journal or blog- so far, so good
37. Read at least two books a month- um, I must have been running out of ideas as this has never been a problem for me!
38. Sleep in past 8am (being sick doesn't count)- Hmmm, I think I slept until 8:20 once at Disney World, but definitely never at home.
39. Huh, I somehow missed a goal. My new goal is to find out the old goal before my next revision list.
40. Do something completely unexpected- I wonder what I originally had in mind here... I mean, I don't want to do something terrible :)
Many goals accomplished, many more works in progress that I'm keeping up. Most of the food and meal planning goals are no longer important to me and I can't imagine I'll bother freezing a week's worth of meals or planning menus for a month. We shall see.

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Stephanie Ober said...

I think that you have accomplished #19--your blog would make a great book!! I love that when I read it I find myself actually laughing out loud! By the way, I love your back to school pic--they look so cute!