Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another vacation over :(

I've had a great vacation. It was the perfect mix of going somewhere fun and loafing around the house. I can't believe it's over :(

Last night we got a new cat. A friend is moving to a temporary location and can't take him. He'll either stay with us forever or go back with her when she finds a permanent place. So far, he's not doing well. He spent the evening hiding behind the toilet in the "cat bathroom" and all night and all day today behind the couch. If anyone looks at him he hisses and yowls. In real life he's a lot like Tiger so I'm hopeful that once he adjusts to his new home they will be buddies. (And he'll be buddies with the rest of us...) Oh duh, his name is Simon. Tiger is a little upset by Simon, but mostly is acting normal.

The kids had a great first week of school. Both liked their teachers. Kaylin has had only minor homework and Logan has had none. I took them to school every day since I was off. School doesn't start until 9am so they were able to sleep until 8. Monday will be a bit of a shock when we have to leave at 7:25 again. Oh well, they did it all summer. I suppose one week won't ruin them too much! I hope.

I finally got around to reading Twilight and I hated the ending so much I decided to not bother with the rest of the series. At least for now. I usually love books written for children and teens, but the incredibly drawn out "epilouge" of Edward taking Bella to the prom made me want to puke. Would a 100-yr-old vampire really go to the high school prom and then be jealous of a 15-yr-old boy hitting on his girlfriend? It was so lame. Also, the huge buildup of the tracker vampire coming after Bella and then- nothing. Bella's in the hospital. Whoop dee doo. Maybe I have to read the rest of the books, but I honestly don't understand why this series is so popular with adults.

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