Friday, July 31, 2009

School shopping

Last night the kids and I were at Wal-Mart buying school supplies. School starts in 26 days. They only have two weeks left of Camp Zone and then will attend Riverplex Camp for the last week before school starts. Eek! There is so much to do and I'm not getting it done!

Back to school supply shopping... Kaylin raced around checking out all the various folders and notebooks, deciding if she wanted Tinker Bell or cute kittens or colorful frogs. She carefully checked all the colors of the cheap notebooks before deciding for sure what she wanted. She gleefully grabbed crayons and pencils and glue sticks and scissors and tried to talk me into buying ridiculously expensive "cool" gadgets. Logan spotted a giant Hershey Kiss in the nearby clearance aisle and held it and gazed at it in drooling wonder. He was mildly impressed when Kaylin found him a notebook with a Ford Mustang on it, but had no interest in looking through the Batman, Spiderman or sports folders and grabbed two of the nearest solid colored folders just to shut me up. Logan spent the time Kaylin was hunting the perfect supplies pondering whether to spend $3.50 for the giant kiss or just spend $1 on a giant Hershey bar. Well, the boy doesn't care At. All. about school supplies, but at least he likes candy :) He chose the cheaper Hershey bar but I'll have to get him a giant kiss for Chrismas or something. It was cute how excited he was.

The schools also have a new district-wide uniform policy this year. Shirts (at their school) have to be navy, white or hunter green. Pants can be khaki, black or navy. No labels or logos allowed and no decoration. Kaylin is crushed. She will no longer be able to wear hot pink polka dot tights with an orange and purple striped skirt and a bright red and yellow top. The girl loves her colors and loves to stand out so the drab uniforms are not her favorite thing. Kaylin announced last night that she wants all white shirts so she can stain them different colors and protect her reputation. Urgh. Kaylin has given me a full understanding of why my mom never allowed me to have anything white until junior high (and then it was still a mistake.) I did buy a couple of white shirts for Logan, though. As long as he doesn't wear them on spaghetti day they'll probably still be white when he outgrows them :) Oh, the point I originally intended to make about the uniforms was that I better get shopping asap or my kids will have no pants because they'll be sold out. I bought most of their shirts, but since they actually need to TRY ON the pants it just hasn't happened. This weekend for sure. Yippee, something to look forward to. Not. Logan would probably rather hike to the "hungry rock" than try on pants!

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Kathy Schrenk said...

I'm with Logan. Hiking is way better than trying on pants.