Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Day Out With Zoe

I've been a big, giant slacker about having a friend party for Kaylin's past three birthdays. Work's been intense the past three Junes and Kaylin's July 1st birthday has just WHAM! hit me out of nowhere. We've always celebrated well with family and with a weekend getaway. I'm not blowing her off! It's just that I've said she could have a day with her best friend Zoe for two years now and haven't come through. Until today.

We picked up Zoe at 10am and headed directly to the pottery painting place in the Heights. Kaylin picked a cat figure, Zoe a unicorn and they got painting. When finished, we walked up to the tower and went to the top. We played at a couple of nearby playgrounds and then headed to Monical's for an awesome pizza (and salad with ranch dressing) lunch. We then came to our house for a while so the girls could play with Tiger. On to the zoo where we got ice cream or slushies, the botanical gardens and then Hallmark for "party favor" Webkinz. We pulled into Zoe's driveway to drop her off at 5pm. It was a very fun day and both girls (and I) had a great time.

I had been a little worried because Zoe can be extremely shy. I didn't know if she'd be afraid of me or spend the day crying for her mom. She was completely fine from the first minute. At one point she made a comment about how being with me was like being with her own mom (I think it was a compliment) and then she sprayed me with Awesome Spray (a little spray water bottle the girls were using to spray everything they found awesome) because I work at the zoo so I'm awesome :) (She's an animal person for sure.) Anyway, her mom was waiting in the driveway when we dropped her off and she was so upset to be home she pretty much just jumped out of the car and ran to the house. She came back out long enough to give Kaylin a tearful goodbye hug, but wouldn't even look at her mother she was so sad to be home.

The kids had a very full great day. It ended up costing me ~$90. I figure that's FAR less $ than a party at the zoo (even with my 50% discount) with favors for a bunch of kids! I'll have to push the Day of Fun concept in the future. Good times, good times.


This morning was also Logan's final tee-ball game. The coach pitched to the kids for the first time (each kid got 3 pitches and then hit from the tee if necessary.) Logan hit the pitches in all three innings. He also made a good catch at 2nd base. The kids each received a blue participation ribbon at the end of the game, but Logan was far more interested in the snack. Logan's been asking about other sports. Especially football and basketball. Sigh. I hate sports. At least his genetics will most likely prohibit him from ever being on a (cringe) traveling team.

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