Thursday, April 9, 2009

St. Louis Day 2

Turns out the kids weren't overly thrilled with the zoo idea. Kaylin wanted to see the Arch and Logan wanted to see "that loop thingy by the river." Ok. Breathe. I CAN ride in the jerky, teensy orb to the top of the Arch. I think I can, I think I can... We slowly strolled to the base of the Arch. The kids were amazed at its size. I pointed out the windows at the top and how we'd be able to see really far when we looked out. They both looked at me like I was INSANE and together exclaimed that they would most certainly NOT be going to the top! Ah, sweet, sweet relief :) We hung out for a while and walked around the riverfront. Logan was happy to see several trains.

We then headed over to Union Station for lunch. I was pretty shocked at how crappy this place has become. Twenty years ago it was the coolest mall ever. Now it seems that 3/4 of the stores are vacant. Most of the quirky, fun stores are long gone. Even the food court is down to the standard basics. We wandered around for a bit before eating at Sbarro. Nothing like baked ziti to raise the spirits.

Kaylin was excited to try the bungee trampoline in the middle of the mall. I wasn't too excited to pay $7 for the experience, especially since she plays on the neighbors' trampoline almost every day, but eh, she really wanted to do it. It was TOTALLY worth the money! She was bouncing higher than the second level! It was amazing! Since she was the only person on the trampolines, she got a long turn. I got some really bad pics and video. Logan flat-out refused a turn. It was way too high for him!

We then headed out of St. Louis and stopped at the Henson Robinson zoo in Springfield. I hadn't been there in many years. It's located right on the lake and we were lucky to see several migrating white pelicans! The zoo itself is small. The kids had fun feeding ducks and fish and watching the penguins. We stopped at a playground along the lake hoping to see more pelicans, but they were gone.

We made it home about 6pm and the neighbor kids were over before we even made it into the house. Both Little Boy AND Little Girl have been literally hanging off of my legs, asking pointless questions in whiny voices over and over and over. "Whyyyyy are you on your compuuuterrr?" "Whyyy are you washing your hairrrr?" This morning I asked Little Girl whyyyyy she kept asking me all these questions? She didn't know, hee hee hee. Whyyyyy can't they just ignore my existence?

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