Thursday, April 16, 2009

Purrfect torment

For the first two weeks we had the kitten, Kaylin babbled nonstop about how she couldn't wait until Tiger was big enough to climb into her bed (a low loft.) She wanted him to sleep with her. It would be the greatest thing in the universe. Our other cat often sleeps with Logan and Kaylin was definitely going to score sleeping with Tiger! That is, until it happened...

Tiger is HORRIBLE to sleep with! Every night I wake to a purring ball of fluff lying across my head. Purring doesn't seem loud until it is directly in your ear! When I move him off my head he'll usually somehow end up sleeping across my neck. If I get too rough with my attempts to free my body from kitten he'll think I'm playing and start biting at my fingers- or anywhere on my body. Once in a great while he'll curl up next to me on my blanket and that is actually quite nice for the 30 seconds it lasts.

Needless to say, I was THRILLED when Tiger learned to climb onto Kaylin's bed. Oh yes! She can sleep with him every night! Except it only lasted a few hours. I woke at about 1am to the sound of Kaylin shooing Tiger from her room and (sigh) closing the door. Within minutes the purring fluffball was draped across my head. The past few nights Kaylin has slept with her door shut. I have slept infrequently.

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