Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Operation: Avoid Neighbors

Before I get into the Operation, I have to record my latest Adventure in Voting. Minor election, 6:30am, one other voter already at the machine. I walk to the table with two old people and give my last name, triggering a five minute argument over who has to look up the name because I'm in district X, not district Y. Well, the districts are combined for minor elections. I give my last name again and the fella starts paging through each and every T. Uh... I'm Tu. Oh, he thought I was Te. Seriously, sir, in your 80-plus years have you EVER seen "Turner" spelled Te??? Whatever. The woman who assigned my voting machine knew what she was doing and I was done voting and out of there in about one minute. I am sooooo going to be an election judge and torture these people's great-great-grandchildren. Bwa ha ha ha.

Back on track, I couldn't stand the idea of spending the entire spring break with the neighbor kids. Littlest has been coming over more often, Little Girl has been extra whiny and Little Boy questions every single thing I do. "Whyyyyyy are you drinking that waaterrrrr?" Oh, and Littlest has a horrible hacking cough and sores around his mouth. Since they won't go away, I decided we would. We're in St. Louis.

Yesterday we went to City Museum, the coolest place on earth. We spent the day climbing and sliding and running and swimming in balls. We were there almost six hours and the kids didn't stop the entire time. It is seriously the best place I can even imagine to take kids. If you haven't been there, go. I can't describe the place. Go to their website and look at the pics.

We found a Drury Inn with a (gasp) indoor-outdoor pool. This was pretty much the thrill of Kaylin's existence to this point. She swam under the barrier 5 bajillion times. The room has a huge tv and right now we're going to hit the breakfast buffet. Oh, and the elevators talk. I'm glad we're only staying one night because I don't doubt Logan would be ready to come back to the hotel by 10am. Today we're going to the zoo. Then we'll head home because we all miss the kitten.

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