Thursday, April 30, 2009

Return of Littlest

I've probably written this before, but my least favorite thing in the world is listening to crying when I'm trying to eat. This stems back to when Kaylin was a newborn and I'd spend my day completely wrapped up in nursing and other baby care. About 4:30 every afternoon she'd get fussy and cry. I'd spend an hour pacing and rocking and walking her outside. When Gene got home at 5:30 I'd hand her off and ask for nothing more than him taking her outside so I could have 5 minutes of silence while I ate. Over the years of babies and toddlers I came to despise crying while I was eating more than anything else.

My second least favorite thing in the world is when the neighbor kids come over while we're eating. We have a rule against it, but all three of them were hiding in the computer room when I got home from a long, hard workday. I was pretty late and Gene already had dinner on the table. I sat down to eat before I noticed they were here. When I saw Littlest, I realized I'd have to get up and help him get his shoes on if I kicked them out. I was tired...

They were playing a computer game (which is why I didn't see them immediately) so I said if they stayed in the playroom and were quiet they could stay. Little got bored with the computer and started playing with Logan's giant Incredible Hulk gloves that make roaring noises when they hit something. Littlest was scared to death. Little was chasing Littlest and Littlest started BAWLING. No. The neighbors send their BABY to my house and then I have to listen to him CRYING while I EAT? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Get out of my house!!!! I yelled at Little to take his baby brother home NOW! I found their shoes and kicked their butts out. Little Girl practically ran out as well :) I would have to be a LOT meaner to scare off the older two, but Littlest is shy and barely two years old. I'm pretty sure I've scared him off for a while. Bwa ha ha ha.

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