Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Still chillin' in Nashville

I had The. Most. Relaxing. Day. I can remember since before kids yesterday. Julie and I took her dog to a huge lake minutes from her house. We hiked through the woods to a rocky area where we sat for hours talking and watching the birds and boats. The dog swam but the sun wasn't on our area and we were satisfied just putting our feet in the water. We spent the rest of the day hanging out at the house, talking and relaxing.

I used MapQuest to figure the route/distance from Julie's house to Memphis Zoo and found that it would take almost four hours to get there. By the time I left after morning rush hour, it would be at least 1pm before I got to the zoo so I decided to skip Memphis and go back to Nashville Zoo as an actual visitor this morning (as opposed to being behind the scenes most of my visit.) My plan is to eat lunch with Julie after her morning of programs and then head home.

This has been a fantastic trip- so much fun and so relaxing. I think I'll try to go off for a few days by myself more often. (At least more often than once every 10 years!)

Today is Gene's 40th birthday! Happy birthday, Gene-Gene! Lordy, lordy, Gene is 40. Gene's over the hill. If we lived in Morton I'd put it on the bank sign but since we don't you'll have to settle for my blog :)

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