Monday, September 8, 2008


Kaylin has spent the past few weeks sleeping in the living room. She goes back and forth between the recliners and the couch, sleeping off and on in some of the most uncomfortable-looking positions imaginable. I've walked out in the early morning to find her sleeping sitting up on the couch. She can't be sleeping well. Plus, it drives me nuts to have to be quiet during my beloved alone time every morning.

I was starting to fear she must be having acid reflux (like Gene, I didn't just pull that out of the air :) or some other medical problem because of her weird sitting positions. I finally sat her down and asked what was going on and what she needed to be able to sleep in her bed again. Turns out, she was too cold in her bed because she refuses to use any blanket other than her too small Grandma Kaiser baby blanket. Also, her bed was so full of toys and other junk it wasn't comfortable. She also had an old plastic mattress cover that was bunching up and crinkling. Uh, sorry kid. You haven't wet your bed in years. I suppose we can remove it :)

Saturday night we cleaned all the toys and art supplies from her bed. She had an AMAZING number of Playmobil and Lego pieces, crayon and pencil stubs and wadded paper around the edges of her bed. It really hasn't been long since I last changed her sheets! The kid is a slob! We then went to Target and I let her pick out new sheets, a new blanket and new pillows.

We put one of those egg crate foam pads on her mattress and let her use all her new bedding. It's only been two nights, but she has slept well ALL NIGHT LONG both nights. I don't know if her bed is actually that much more comfortable, but she sure is happy with the new stuff. Hopefully, she'll stay in bed now!

Otherwise, life is same-old, same-old. The kids are still enjoying school. We hiked a different trail this weekend. It stretches between Grandview Drive and Forest Park Nature Center. It was fun, with lots of hills. It's ~2 1/2 miles round trip. The hills were a bit too much for Gene's stomach issues, so he and Logan stayed at FPNC and saw bunches of baby turkeys while Kaylin and I hiked back and got the car. I spent so much of my childhood in the woods it makes me happy to see my kids enjoying the trails and exploring all the plants and insects. Now if I could just find a good creek close to our house... We go to the river sometimes, but it's so icky it's just not the same.

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