Wednesday, September 3, 2008

back to the grind

The kids had a great first week of school and we had a great weekend, but not much worth blogging about. Logan loves kindergarten and now scathingly refers to Rogy's (his preschool/daycare) as "that baby place." He seems to fit right in at latchkey. Every time I pick them up he's playing some kind of ball game with a group of kids. He's a bit jealous that Kaylin has homework (oh, how I love his teacher for giving him none, la la la) and has been making me hilarious cards and drawings as his homework while she does hers.

I hate homework passionately. I DON'T CARE if it reinforces what they did all day. I see it as a whiny waste of valuable daylight better spent running around outside or playing imagination games with cars or action figures. I understand practicing spelling and vocabulary words, but I can't stand worksheets and reading assignments. I don't want to spend my evening time nagging and checking and helping. I would MUCH rather ride bikes or pitch balls or even play (gasp) Candyland!!! Hmmmm. Maybe not Candyland, but Sorry. Sorry's kinda fun.

I put off all my household chores over the weekend and instead took the kids hiking both Sunday and Monday. We went fishing at my parents' lake on Monday afternoon and between the four of us and my brother Andy, caught 53 small bluegill. My dad was so busy taking fish off the kids' hooks and rebaiting I don't think he ever got to fish himself. At one point Logan caught 9 fish on the same worm. It was probably only a ten minute period! It was a fun and relaxing weekend. I was kinda kicking myself last night though, when after a super-hot day at work I had to go back out and do my weekly grocery run and then come home to laundry. Eh, it was worth it!

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