Monday, June 2, 2008

swimsuit shopping

So I completely freaked out on Saturday morning because I got home from the gym at 8:08am and as I was walking out to the mailbox to get my paper I noticed the neighbor guy working in his front yard and laughed to myself that he'd probably run inside and send his kids over. I then opened my front door and found they were ALREADY at my house, sitting at the kiddie table in my living room, eating MY food and drinking MY juice boxes. I was livid. Gene was still in bed and I still needed a shower and breakfast. It was probably the only Saturday of the entire summer I'll have off with my kids and I had to share it with the neighbors once again.

I immediately stormed back to the bedroom and proclaimed that we would be leaving for St. Louis on Sunday instead of Monday because I couldn't stand one more day of the neighbor kids! We had already planned to spend part of Saturday at Wildlife Prairie State Park so I spent all the time we weren't there doing laundry and packing and cleaning. Everyone had a short list of stuff they needed for the trip so I also made a quick trip to WalMart.

Gotta love WalMart, right? They had all kinds of great "trip food." They had three extremely cheap pairs of denim shorts in Logan's size. They had dog food for Brady and underwear for Kaylin and a pair of shorts for me. What they did NOT have was a swimsuit for Kaylin!!! I first came upon a rack of "baby bikinis." I don't really find two-piece suits for little girls offensive or anything, I just thought these particular ones were on the sexy side and that's REALLY creepy. I was then relieved to find a wall of one-piece suits. However, the one-piece suits all had what I'll refer to as "breast enhancers." They also had shelf or even underwire bras. Newsflash- 7-yr-old girls DON'T HAVE BOOBS!!!! Out of curiosity I checked the x-small sizes (made to fit 4-yr-olds) and sure enough, they also had underwire bras! Whatever! I walked out of WalMart without a swimsuit for Kaylin!

Well anyway, we made it to St. Louis :) We spent Sunday at the Science Center and spent a little time at Union Station. We're staying at a Holiday Inn and our room opens right into the Holidome. The kids love it! There are several arcade games and each kid won a big stuffed animal from the Skill Crane. Logan won on his first try! (Kaylin won on her second and I blew a buck trying twice and failing, lol.) We're going to the zoo today so I'm excited! I was a little bummed to be spending our Annual Family Vacation in (yawn) St. Louis, but I think it's going to be really fun.

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