Saturday, June 7, 2008

Logan's first tee-ball practice

Gene and I aren't exactly prize athletes. After many weeks of twice-weekly step aerobics classes, I can only add arm movements about half the time. My coordination level is not high :) Gene is- well, he's hopeless at ball sports. Several years ago we were at a party where a friend's son was thrilled to have a man willing to play catch with him. The kid was happy and excited until Gene threw him the football for the first time. Kiddo's face was priceless. Not only was he disappointed, you could tell he thoroughly felt sorry for Gene and his lack of skills.

I was a bit nervous about Logan's first tee-ball practice. I was worried the other boys would be WAY better. Logan's pretty competetive so I was afraid he'd hate it if he was noticeably worse than the other boys. I needn't have worried. Logan certainly wasn't great, but he was at the same skill level as ALL the other boys. Nobody was fantastic, nobody was pitiful. Logan had a GREAT time and followed directions perfectly. They practiced catching and fielding today. Logan can't wait for Tuesday's practice so he can (dum da da dum) bat.


Our vacation is winding down :( I have two more days (my usual Sun-Mon weekend) and the kids will both start daycamp on Monday. Kaylin's going to the park district camp that meets across from the zoo entrance again this year. She loves it and can't wait to start. Logan will spend one final summer at his daycare. He's excited about finally graduating to the "schoolage" summer camp program. I've spent part of the past few days sorting through tons of toys and clothes. We took a vanload of stuff to Goodwill and have another bunch of stuff headed for my mom and sis-in-law. Bwa ha ha ha. It's totally amazing how much crap we still have.

The neighbor kids have been over nonstop. I'm taking it better than I thought I would. I think what drives me more crazy than having two extra kids over is how Kaylin goes from being calm and playing quietly to going manic crazy, getting uber-bossy and encouraging everyone to tear around screaming. The bossier Kaylin gets, the louder she speaks. Neighbor Girl is also pretty bossy so they get pretty loud trying to outdo each other. Also, Kaylin starts talking like Ruby on Max and Ruby- REALLY talking down to the younger kids. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, consider yourself VERY lucky! I enjoy the Rosemary Wells books, but the tv show is AWFUL.) Anyway, the first time a kid shrieks, they all have to go outside. That's saving my sanity a bit.


Doug said...

Hey Susy - Don't you hate that all the summer "camps" exclude the kids until first grade?! Sam is in the Boys & Girls Club summer camp, and poor Eli is so jealous - and he still has one more summer after this one that he can't go. I've heard so many parents complain about those two summers before first grade and the lack of programs - you'd think somebody would include all potty-trained kids!

tarable said...

Uh,Susy, you are a prize athlete. Remember badminton. We kicked butt! The sand castles in the long jump pit may have set us back a few, but we rocked that badminton "tournament" Also, send the screamers to the neighbors, aren't they deaf?