Monday, June 16, 2008

swimming lessons

The kids have swimming lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays. Today was only their third lesson, but it seems like the days they have lessons are freezing and all the rest of the days are sweltering hot. I'm rarely cold (unless it's actually cold) but tonight it was so windy and cool I was wrapped in Kaylin's towel while I watched. I don't know how the kids could stand being in the water! They both love lessons and don't care how cool it is. Kaylin's actually getting pretty good at everything that doesn't involve coordinated arm movement. She floats and kicks and swims underwater for rings pretty well. She can swim well enough to go off the diving board by herself but will probably require a few more sessions before she catches on to proper stroke technique. Logan will learn how to dogpaddle this summer or he will drown trying... The kid has no fear of the fact that he can't swim. Yikes!

It was a rough week going back to work after vacation, but I managed to make it through :) Our inspection is finally scheduled for early July so only a few more weeks of insane preparation. I can't wait until it's over. Meanwhile, I'll be working the reptile string two days a week while the new part-timer does my string. She'll only be around for a couple of months until her college starts again so on days we need her to work she'll do my string. Reptiles are kind of a nice break.

Logan had his (newly state required) pre-kindergarten eye exam today. I took him to the place at WalMart and was kinda bummed about the $50 fee. I had no idea what to expect, but I figured it would mostly be some stupid eye chart. I was wrong! (I've never been to the eye doctor before.) They did about a zillion tests and spent about 25 minutes with him. It was the most thorough medical exam I've ever witnessed. I was quite impressed. Fifty bucks was a bargain! Oh, and he doesn't need glasses. Hurrah!

Oh, in case anyone didn't know, there's a new El Sombrerito on Spring Bay Rd. in East Peoria. It's run by the daughter of the original restaurant's owners and has pretty much the same menu. We went there for my brother's birthday this weekend (good choice, Ben!) and it was fantastic!

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