Thursday, June 5, 2008

we're baaaack

St. Louis wasn't quite the action-packed, non-stop, preferred Susy vacation. It also wasn't boring. I could have spent a lot less time swimming at the "hoeytel" and the kids could have spent at least two days doing nothing else. The kids enjoyed everything we did (well, except that one night we went to a shopping mall near our hotel- Logan was downright offended!) Gene and I also enjoyed everything.

On Tuesday night when Gene and I were deciding whether or not to book an extra night at the hotel, we decided to come on home Wednesday after we went to Grant's Farm. We had considered taking the kids to Six Flags today, but the iffy forecast mixed with the heat and the fact that Logan's too short for all but one coaster (his favorite thing in the world) helped us decide to skip it until the kids are older and taller. We also toyed around with going to the Magic House (children's museum) but I had really had enough of museum exhibits and there was no way it could come close to being as fun as City Museum. (From all the brochures and the website, Magic House looked pretty much like every other children's museum we've been to- fun, but not exactly a "don't miss.")

I still have five days off work :) Now if I can just figure out how to deal with the neighbor kids without going completely insane... I'll probably be READY to go back to work!

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