Wednesday, March 12, 2008

two whiny whines

Yes, I WOULD like some cheese to go with my whine! (Mmmmm, cheese...)

Whine number one is about my haircut. I had my favorite haircut situation. The one where I get to the walk-in place right after opening and don't have to wait and am in and out in 15-20 minutes? Yeah, I love that. What I hated was watching all the little clumps of gray drop onto my black smock. That pretty much sucked. Yes, I know I've had plenty of gray for a while now, but this haircut the gray fell in abundance. Time to start having my hair colored :(

I'm incredibly cheap so one would probably assume I would attempt to color my own hair. One would be wrong. I have NO confidence in my ability to do any such thing! Therefore I have to come to acceptance that every haircut I get from now on will include an actual appointment and a good chunk of my day. Ugh. The girl at the walk-in place offered to color it right then, but I turned her down because I needed to let the bad news sink in. Sigh...

Whine number two is about Zingers. Just when I fall in love with their Hostess-y goodness, they go back to being made by Dolly Madison. Why? Why? Why? I haven't actually tried the Dolly version so for all I know they are EXACTLY the same. (Maybe Hostess and DM share the same factory now, who knows?) I just wanted to cry about it publicly.

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