Monday, March 24, 2008

spring break

Kaylin is on Spring Break this week so she was home with me today. Logan had his Kindergarten physical at 10:30am and desperately needed a haircut so I kept him home as well. When I checked in at the doctor's office, they unexpectedly handed me a cup. I had NO IDEA he was gonna need to give a urine sample. Wow. I expected things to get ugly fast.

Logan was happily playing in the play area when I broke the news. He looked at me like I was completely out of my mind. I told him I was serious. "Yeah, but... NO!!! That's disgusting!!!!" We walked slowly to the bathroom. He did the deed and peed in the cup, but he looked at me the whole time like I was playing a terrible joke. The rest of the physical went well other than he still has fluid in both ears and is back on 10 days of antibiotics. This doctor was convinced that with his age and the fact winter is over, he will NOT end up needing tubes. Yippee, I hope! He has a recheck in 6 weeks (rolling eyes.)

We had another Google moment in WalMart this morning. Kaylin saw an in-store hanging advertisement and wanted to know why pin cushions are shaped like tomatoes? One of the explanations involved an old superstition about placing a ripe tomato on your mantel the first time you entered a new house for luck and prosperity. During the seasons ripe tomatoes were unavailable, a cloth tomato was substituted and then used as a pin cushion. There ya go! Free information you never knew you wanted to know.

Ugh. Six screaming kids just ran in the front door. Spring Break... Sigh.

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Kathy Schrenk said...

Suzy, I love your blog! I've included a link to it on mine.

Gun safety, in case someone taunts the tigers out of their enclosure?

Hair: coloring your hair at home isn't that bad, but if you can find someone good to do it for you it's worth it. And if you tell them you have a limited amount of time, you can be in and out in less than an hour. I get my hair cut and colored every six weeks: first she bleaches my hair and while it's setting she cuts Arthur's hair! Then she shampoos me and cuts my hair. (I've been bringing Arthur there since he was an infant and everyone knows him and doesn't mind him running around.) So ask around and find a good colorist :-)

Funerals: I remember my uncle making me laugh at my grandma's funeral when I was 12. My aunt (his wife) was not pleased.

Personal training: If you ever have any random questions about working out, you can email me. I'm teaching an exercise class for new moms right now, so I'm all certified and stuff :-)