Saturday, March 29, 2008

parents of the year

Where to start, where to start...

Gene and I both had interesting experiences taking the kids to school yesterday. I leave first and take Logan. Gene takes Kaylin. As Logan and I were walking out the door, I was saying goodbye to Kaylin (who was curled up in a chair eating breakfast and watching tv.) She was wearing tights with no skirt and I teased her "Remember to put on a skirt before you leave." We both laughed and I left.

Logan and I got into the car and I started backing up when Logan hollered "MOM! You did it again! Show me your leg!!!" What? My leg? What's wrong? "You had your leg sticking out the car door when you slammed it!!! DID YOU CUT IT OFF OR NOT?!?!?" Now I start laughing and he gets really furious. Um, Logan, don't you think if I cut my leg off with the car door I'd be screaming in pain and not happily driving down the street? "SHOW ME!!!!!" At this point I kind of bounced both knees up and down, hoping he'd be able to see. Did you see? "YOUR ARM'S IN THE WAY!!!!!" So, I lift my arm and bounce my legs again until he's satisfied. Easier said than done while you're trying to drive :)

Yeah. I have no idea where that came from. Maybe he had a nightmare? Whatever. He was happy by the time we drove the 1.5 miles to his school.

Gene was rushing around, gathering his stuff for work when Kaylin took her stuff for the Y daycamp (Spring Break) and went out to the van. Gene drove her to the Y and was signing her in for the day when he looked up and realized she wasn't wearing a skirt, just tights and shoes. Actually, that's not quite right- he looked up when he heard her friends teasing her that she forgot her skirt. Poor guy was so flustered about what the teachers must think of HIM that he left Kaylin there skirtless and ran home for clothes. Fifteen minutes later...

LOL!!! Kaylin didn't seem too hurt (or affected in any way, really) by the ordeal. I didn't get a phone call at work so apparently the Y didn't turn us in to child services :)

THEN, Kaylin lost a tooth last night while at Steak and Shake with my parents. They got home past MY bedtime and I was too tired to think about Tooth Fairy money. I got up at 3:45am to do my Tooth Fairy duty and realized I have absolutely NO cash. Gene had a $10 bill. NO! I'm NOT giving my kid $10 for a tooth! I scrounged and scrounged for money. I was even going to "borrow" money from Logan (or even Kaylin) but I couldn't find any. I finally dug up four quarters and a dollar coin. Debit cards. Who carries cash anymore? The Tooth Fairy, I guess.

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Doug said...

I recently had a similar Tooth Fairy dilemma - only had a $5 bill, so I had to take a $1 bill Sam had received for his birthday and re-gift it, courtesy of the T.F. - the worst part was digging around his dresser drawer to find the dollar while he slept!