Sunday, December 30, 2007

woohoo, I made it!

My fifth and final Christmas celebration was Thursday night at my Grandma's common room in the basement of her Eureka condos. I took off work an hour early in order to get there at a reasonable time. When I got home to shower and change, Logan had a fever and was very lethargic. We quickly decided Gene would stay home with him and I'd take Kaylin. Kaylin was excited to see 2nd cousin Lana so there was no skipping out.

Kaylin disappeared with Lana and I sat down to eat with some cousins, my dad and my sis-in-law. We talked and had a good time and suddenly everyone was leaving. The evening flew by and Christmas was over for another year! I think it was my least stressful Christmas ever. Hopefully I can look back on this blog entry next year and spare myself some of my usual holiday dread.

Turns out Logan has an ear infection and a virus that is making his tonsils HUGE. The poor kid literally didn't say ONE WORD the entire day Friday. He's still pretty hoarse, but at least can speak :) Kaylin and I both have nasty colds, but so far have avoided fever and sore throats. I'm just glad it's my weekend.

I bought a video camera today so (assuming I use it) I can scratch off another of my 40 Before 40 goals. I finally located a free feather pillow so I'm looking forward to taping the tigers tearing apart lawn bags full of feathers. Meanwhile, I'm taking plenty of video of the kids dancing around the playroom.

My boss called earlier today to let me know we're coming in to work at 7am New Year's Day. Wow. Seriously? We only work two hours, but I'm AMAZED my coworkers agreed to such an early time. I don't have to work the dreaded Day After the two two-hour days because I have (sob) Jury Duty. Since it's a holiday week I don't have to go in for jury duty until Wednesday and if I'm not picked I don't have to call or return or do anything. Cross your fingers for me that I don't get picked...

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