Saturday, December 15, 2007


We had one of those crazy holiday weeks of parties and programs. Mix that with all the snow and ice storms and I was either too busy or too tired to blog.

Logan's school had an open house with a progressive dinner. You took a map around to all the different rooms, many of which had food, drinks or crafts, got a stamp for each room and turned your completed map in for a chance to win a free week of daycare. It was actually fun and the kids loved it! They each made three Christmas-themed crafts and got to visit with Santa. Logan was proud to show off all his art projects hanging in his classroom.

I had my work Christmas party at Old Chicago (pizza.) It was a good time. I wrote my annual Christmas spoof song and Roz, Colleen and I sang it. The past two years we've had our party at a restaurant with a private room. This year we were among many other diners so we decided we had to sing LOUD so everyone from the zoo could hear. Apparently we attracted a lot of attention... At least we didn't get kicked out :) We always have a white elephant gift exchange and it's a competition who can bring the dumbest thing. I brought home the most amazingly wrapped giant fork and spoon set- each tine of the giant fork is wrapped with different ribbon! For some strange reason Gene absolutely LOVES giant wooden fork and spoon sets so I hid it for part of his Christmas present. My coworker Jill crocheted EVERYONE an afghan. Mine has lions on it!

Otherwise, I spent my week chipping ice and blowing into frozen padlocks, freezing my butt off and coming home to snuggle with the kids under my lion afghan.

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