Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas stress?

Christmas has always stressed me out. Even as a kid I couldn't stand going from one family celebration to the next, hurry, hurry, hurry, open your presents so we can get to church on time and fly home to grab our stuff and hurry to Grandma's. It's never been fun, just work, work, work so we can accomplish a zillion things by X time and breathe a huge sigh of relief when it's done.

Having kids made it worse for a few years- more people to drag around quickly from place to place while toting babies and all their stuff... But, the past couple of years I've been coming around and getting into the Christmas hype. It seems the extended families have caught on to how many celebrations the younger generation are required to attend and have moved away from Christmas Eve and Day. This year we have five Christmases (including our own.) We only have multiple celebrations on Christmas Day, and then only two. Gene and I have done as many as four plus church on Christmas Day. That is too much!!!! Add the fact that I almost always have to work at least a couple of hours early Christmas morning and that makes a looooooong day!

Anyway, back to the point. I'm really excited about Christmas this year! Our five celebrations are spread out over nearly a week. I took Saturday off work so I'll have Sat, Sun, Mon and most of Tues off :) I told the kids that I emailed Santa to see if he could come early this year and he said YES!!!!!! Santa's coming Friday night so we'll open all our presents Saturday!!! We have Sat, Sun and Mon without family celebrations (other than our own) so the kids will have TONS of time to play with their new toys and I'll have tons of time to put together the jillion pieces of Kaylin's Playmobil princess castle. I'm even excited about giving Gene his giant wooden spoon and fork set :) (I hope we don't actually have to hang it...)

Merry Christmas!

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