Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas show

Sunday evening we went to the Caterpillar Children's Holiday Show at the Civic Center theater. We had been out doing other errands and got there early. We got a great parking spot on the road, right in front of the entrance. They were already admitting people so we headed in and up to the balcony level. The usher asked if there was anywhere we wanted to sit? I jokingly said "How about a box?" and she said "Sure, c'mon!" and led us to our lovely, private box with plenty of room for the kids to run around and play before the show started. It was really fun to have the box and an added benefit was that after the show ended we had NO crowds to fight- we walked right out of the balcony and down the stairs, collected the kids' "presents" and were among the first in line to see Santa Claus :) (Avoiding/beating crowds is my passion.)

The show itself was pretty good. It was a laser light show set to Christmas music. Santa came onstage in the middle of the show and led a singalong. The kids loved it. It was like a fireworks show without all the terrifying bangs. Santa ruled! This was no 24-yr-old kid dressed in a suit. We're talking real snowy white beard and a short, chubby Mrs. Claus. Perfect! I got a great photo and now we can avoid the horrible mall crowds.

On Tuesday I spent seven hours raking the tiger yard. I begged my boss to give me a project day to get it done before it snowed. The grass was really tall so it was almost impossible to actually rake. I ended up using a high powered path blower to move the bulk of the leaves and then using a gas handheld blower to blow the leaves out of the clumps of grass. It was a horrible job and took forever, but I got it done. (Fortunately, we have a large leaf vacuum so I just had to blow the leaves out of the yard and the maintenance guy sucked them up into the truck.)

I went home exhausted and was asleep by 8pm. At that time there was no rain or snow. I woke at 2:30am to a winter wonderland. I was so excited about beating the snow and being done with the tiger yard leaves I could hardly fall back asleep!

We like to keep the grass tall because it helps the tigers keep away from the flies. I told my boss that next year as soon as the flies die down but before the leaves fall, I'm cutting the tiger grass short like a golf course! If the grass would have been short I probably could have finished in 3 hours instead of 7.

Ooooh, ooooh! Logan's starting to get into action figures! This makes me happy because up to this point in his little life he's ONLY cared about vehicles. If something's not a plane, train, car or truck he pretends it is. Even most of his food is turned into some sort of vehicle. I love action figures :)

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