Wednesday, December 26, 2007

almost there

We had a great 3 day weekend. The kids had tons of time to play with their new toys and Gene and I had plenty of time to relax and do minor projects around the house. I was kind of dreading Christmas Day because we had so much to do. I worked from 6:30-8:30am, rushed home to shower and dress, rushed to church and then calmed down and had a great day.

We went to my parents' house after church and stayed until about 5pm. The kids had a blast playing with their cousins and the adults had a nice, relaxing afternoon, playing with baby Mollie and letting our parents deal with our other kids :)

We then went to Gene's family Christmas at his cousin's house. Again, the kids had a blast playing with their (2nd?) cousins (I "think" your kids and your cousins' kids are 2nd cousins?) Gene and I had a great time with his cousins and aunt we usually only see at Christmas. His family doesn't do a formal gift exchange, but Gene always takes everyone a gift bag with a few trinkets. This year he gave everyone a travel mug, some candy and a couple of instant lottery tickets. His cousin's wife won $200!!!!! That was pretty cool.

The kids went strong all day until we left Gene's cousin's around 9pm. Logan was asleep within seconds of buckling his seatbelt. Even Kaylin went to bed right after we got home. It was rough to drag myself to work this morning when Gene and the kids were snuggled up together in bed. They're off until next Wednesday when Gene returns to work, Logan returns to school and Kaylin has to endure three days of fun at the Y. I still have the least seniority of the keepers so I can't get any time off around the holidays :(

One more family Christmas tomorrow after work...

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