Wednesday, November 14, 2007

vacation over :(

Well, tomorrow I go back to work. It's been a lovely seven days. I intentionally took my vacation time over only one weekend (Thursday through Wednesday) so I'd have a two day week and then a three day week. I could use one more day at home without kids, but I'm also ready to see the zoo animals.

I thought I'd have Tuesday and Wednesday without kids, but Tuesday Logan woke up vomiting and had to stay home from school. He was mostly better by noon, but I didn't get to leave the house. Today I had to pick up Kaylin at 1:45 for a dentist appointment so I only had the morning. It turned out to be a great morning!

I got a haircut and then stopped at the vet's office for some heartworm pills for Brady. I spent an enjoyable hour visiting with my former coworkers. I then went shopping for a parking garage toy for Logan's Christmas present. I saw an ad on Channel 5 for a new toy and hobby store in town. I pulled into the parking lot and a sign above the door advertised "Games, Hobbies, Armor." Ooooooh, another nerdy gamer store! I was really hungry and came very close to skipping it, but decided to give it a shot. Soooooooooo glad I did!!!!

It turns out that the owner of this store bought out the Hobbytown USA store that suddenly and mysteriously closed in September. He had all the former Hobbytown stuff for sale! The best part was a large stock of Playmobil on "Grand Opening Sale" for FIFTY PERCENT OFF!!! Kaylin wants the Playmobil princess castle (basically a castle doll house) and the accompanying room sets for Christmas. I was planning to order directly from Playmobil, but had put off my order while I decided what sets to get and whether I was getting anything Playmobil for Logan. Thank goodness I didn't place that order! I got the $130 castle for $65, a kitchen addition and a treasure room addition for $16.50 apiece and a jet for Logan for $20. All this stuff for less than I would have paid for only the castle!!! YEEEEEHAW!!!!

Oh, and after Kaylin's dentist appointment we went to the mall and found Crocs (real ones) on sale for $10. I bought each kid two pairs! It was only the no holes "winter" style and only in kid sizes. Logan's thrilled because I bought him BROWN ones!

I spent a lot of money, but I saved sooooo much. It just warms my cheap, cheap heart :)

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