Tuesday, November 6, 2007

gripe, grumble, grumble

I calmed down and talked to Kaylin rationally about the conference. I complimented her good grades and briefly discussed the doodling and following directions. We discussed how different people like and dislike different things and how this teacher dislikes doodling on school papers. Kaylin really likes this teacher so hopefully she'll stop doodling (so much) to make her happy.

It was hard for me to take the teacher too seriously when she was lecturing me with wide eyes and lots of drama about what will be expected in THIRD GRADE. Lecturing about how regardless of Kaylin's knowledge of material, her grades will start to suffer if she writes her name on the side of the paper. What will she possibly amount to in life???? OH NO!!!!!! What if Kaylin gets B's or (gasp) C's in THIRD GRADE????????

Sorry Teacher, I've been through school. I know the Permanent Record is a crock. I also know that if getting into a certain school is unimportant to you, grades don't matter until college. ANYBODY can get into community college and most state universities! Oh, and college grades only really matter if you want to go on to grad school or whatever. Nobody has EVER asked my GPA from high school or college! Nobody has ever cared a hoot what school I attended- just that I had my piece of paper that said I graduated! Of my friends I grew up with, some with the best grades through high school have the least college education and some with the worst grades have Master's degrees! If Kaylin is driven enough to want to be a doctor or a lawyer she will be driven enough to get good grades. The valedictorian isn't necessarily the smartest person in the class, but a smart kid who is also very competetive.

My point? I'd much rather Kaylin holds on to her creativity until (and throughout) adulthood than get straight A's in grade school. I maintain that "thinking differently from others" is a good thing!

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