Saturday, November 24, 2007

black friday wimp

Yesterday I was up early anyway so I decided to hit a couple of Black Friday sales before work. My plan was to go to Menard's to get a power washer for Gene and a boot dryer for me and then go to Michaels for 25% off your entire purchase, mainly for stocking stuffers for the kids. I set out for Menard's at 5:50am. They opened at 6. At 5:55 there was a crowd of people lined up from the door all the way back to the road. It was worse than any crowd I've seen at Disney World! Needless to say, I skipped Menard's.

I got to Michaels right at 6 and they were already open and out of carts. I grabbed one of the last baskets and puttered around the store for a while. I then waited nearly an hour in line! At Michaels! I was behind two women who had been out since 2:30am and had already hit JC Penney, Bergner's and Kohls and were heading to Target next. NO THANKS!

I drove through McDonald's and took my breakfast to the zoo. I'd rather eat with monkeys than stand in line with humans!

I was planning (for about the fourth time) to take the kids' Christmas card pictures last night but we went out to eat with my family instead. I'm surprised we weren't kicked out and forever banished from the East Peoria Culver's. The kids were crazy. We were there for two hours so I can't blame them for getting a bit rowdy, but Kaylin, Logan and Abbey were running around playing musical chairs (actually just running around chairs) and grabbing mini Christmas trees off of all the tables and playing with them at our table. Tommy sat nicely, but tore apart several of those flippy dessert table advertisements. We left such a mess of food on the floor, scattered table decorations, etc. I kind of felt like we should have left a tip. Oh well, payback for all the brats I cleaned up after during my Pizza Hut years :) At least Mollie was really good!

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