Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I fully intended to spend last evening taking pictures of my kids for this year's Christmas card, but instead spent hours doing a jigsaw puzzle. My mom did many puzzles when I was a kid but I've never been into them. I think Logan's 5th birthday made me realize my kids are actually old enough for me to be able to do something like a puzzle with hundreds of pieces and leave it out on the table. They won't mess with it, carry off pieces or eat pieces! (I'll have to watch the neighbor boy.) Doing the puzzle is really fun! However, sitting hunched over it made my back hurt. I spent Thursday through Saturday raking TONS of leaves at work and my back didn't hurt at all, but sitting and doing a puzzle I could hardly stand up. Huh.

I returned to the Playmobil store to buy the princess sets I passed on last time. There was another woman who apparently just found out about the sale making a large stack of sets for her little boy. She grabbed the skateboard park set I was hoping to buy for Logan. Oh well, I got him a fire boat and a motorcycle instead :) I think I'm finally done. They still had a lot of stuff left, but most of it doesn't go with the themes we have. I came home and wrapped presents so I can stack them in the closet and it won't really matter if the kids see. My only dilemma is Santa. I really thought Kaylin (and therefore Logan) would have found out there's no Santa by now! I never believed in Santa, but I remember a classmate blabbing her awesome knowledge to everyone who did by second grade. Guess I'll have to hide a few things and wrap them in Santa paper at the zoo again.

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