Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I. Am. Old.

Whoop-dee-doo I'm 40.  Yes, I am absolutely dwelling on the fact that as I enter "old age" I am confined to my recliner and using a walker.  I'm bored and impatient and feeling sorry for myself.  But, I'm feeling better overall.  I'm spending much more time reading and doing a jigsaw puzzle and organizing old photos than I am staring at the TV.  I really believed that my foot would be much better by now, but I have to keep reminding myself that it hasn't been that long.  I still have my sutures, I can't expect to be fully healed!

For my birthday I decided to get out of the house.  I've only been outside twice since surgery and both times were for doctor appointments.  I had to go to a place with wheel chairs or motorized carts so I chose Target.  There was one motorized cart left when we arrived and I climbed aboard while Gene pushed my walker around in a cart.  I have always thought the scooter carts looked really fun.  They are not!  I felt like a complete idiot, conspicuously puttering around the store.  I mean, the maximum speed on those things is snail, but people pretty much ran screaming out of my way.  It was a pretty humiliating experience.  I'm really glad I went on a Monday night when the store wasn't too busy because it was hard to get around.  I stuck to the wide aisles and doubt I could have maneuvered around the clothing areas.  Still, I am VERY glad that I got out for a little while and will do it again.  I reread that and it sounded kind of doom and gloom, but it was amazing to get out of the house and I had a great time.  I also had a great meal with Gene and the kids and the whole outing really lifted my spirits.

Moving on, I will be soooooooooo happy when the presidential election is over!  I've been spending way too much time on facebook and I can't believe the stuff people are posting.  The anti-Obama stuff some people are posting is terrifying.  I mean, I thought George W. Bush was a terrible president but I NEVER, EVER would have posted (or even thought) ANY of the stuff some of my facebook friends are posting multiple times daily.  Probably the worst offender is the wife of a pastor who believes herself to be a very good Christian.  The hate she spews is unbelievable!  Political cartoons and complaining about Obamacare and the economy are one thing, but it seems like a good deal of what some people are posting is ignorant hatred toward other religions and linking Obama with Islamic terrorists often based on nothing more than his middle name.  Get a grip, people!  I can't imagine being that full of hatred! 

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