Thursday, October 25, 2012

Boo hoo hoo

If you can't take my whining, don't read this.  You have been warned. 

I am insanely bored. I have watched more TV in the past 6 days than I have probably watched cumulatively since my foot injury two years ago.  I have watched both seasons of Game of Thrones, the entire season of Honey Boo Boo, endless hours of Nat Geo Wild and Animal Planet and several movies.  I have spent more time on the phone than I can ever remember.  I had planned to read and write nonstop, but I've been so "fuzzy" from drugs and lack of sleep that I've only read a little and written next to nothing.  I haven't done anything productive such as balancing my checkbook.  I did knit my boss a potholder and let's just say I have no plans to knit anything else for anyone else. Ever.

As long as I am sitting upright in my chair with my foot on a pillow, I don't have much pain.  However, if I drift off to sleep and my foot rolls to one side or another, I jolt awake.  If I'm in bed, I have to lay flat on my back with my foot on a pillow.  Again, if I roll at all, I'm instantly awake from the jolt of pain.  I just don't sleep flat on my back. I think all or most of my pain comes from my incision sites and the pulling sutures on each side of my heel.  I still absolutely need my walker.  It hurts to walk, but if I don't have the support of the walker it's excruciating. 

I had my first post-surgical follow-up appointment yesterday.  The doctor was happy with my "progress" and how healing was going.  He told me to stay off my feet for another week.  I was completely disappointed, but honestly, at this point I would be incredibly uncomfortable driving around "car birding" and can't even imagine trying to walk around Walmart.  I can start to move around a little more to the point I can get up to get my own food and drinks.  I'm frustrated by what I still can't do, though.  I can use my walker and carry a plate at the same time, but moving my gallon-size pitcher of tea from the counter to the refrigerator is impossible.  I was able to gather supplies and make myself a bowl of microwave oatmeal, but I couldn't use the walker and carry the hot bowl to my chair.  It's just annoying.

I have been enjoying watching my feeder birds.  I have tons of chickadees and sparrows and cardinals.  I had my first ever red-breasted nuthatch and my first ever hairy woodpecker in the past few days.  I've seen plenty of both in the area, just never at my feeders.  My favorite feeder visitor has been a blue jay.  He has to be 6 times bigger than the chickadees he's sharing the feeder with. He just looks ridiculous :)  The birds (as usual) are saving my sanity.

The kids have been extremely helpful, fetching things and feeding pets and doing whatever needs to be done.  Scout the dog seems to be psychic in that EVERY time I struggle to stand up to go to the bathroom, he jumps on my lap.  Usually right when I'm moving my blanket to maximize tangling of said blanket, dog, surgical shoe and walker.  Tiger the cat likes to wait until I've just drifted off to sleep and then he steps his massive paws onto my abdomen and crushes my organs while kneading my flesh.  Then he gets comfortable and as soon as I fall back asleep he bites me (gently, but firmly) because I stopped petting him.  That tends to wake me up again.  LOL, I am not meant to sleep :)

Okay, I'll stop complaining.  The doctor replaced my massive bandage with a normal-sized one and then gave me a bandage cover so I can take a SHOWER.  I'm pretty excited about both of those things.  Today I plan to do something productive.  I will shower and balance my checkbook.  I have a doctor appointment at 11, so I plan to go through the McDonald's drive-thru and get a tea with lots of ice on the way home.  My big plan for once I can walk/sit in funny positions is to clean and declutter the entire house.  I will probably need the other 4-6 weeks I will have off work to accomplish this.

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