Monday, January 17, 2011


Life is back to blissfully boring and normal. My foot is holding up well at work. I expected to be in huge amounts of pain following a full day, but it's completely tolerable. My left leg is still noticeably weaker than my right, but it's getting better every day. I didn't work with my cast enough to mess up my previously healed right foot. My tendon injury on my left foot doesn't hurt at all and the plantar fasciitis pain is improving. I actually have a glimmer of hope that just maybe my foot pain will actually go away. I hope!

Logan had his follow-up appointment from his ear tube and adenoid surgery. The audiologist tested his hearing and everything was in the normal range! That's a huge change from just a month ago! The tubes are in place and he doesn't have another follow-up for 9 months. He was having weird pressure issues at first but I'm pretty sure they've resolved. I'm not positive because if I ask about his ears he just gives me a horrible look and makes a grunting sound. Gene took him to the appointment (since I already missed so much work and was finally back full days) and I had to lecture "Seriously, Logan, you HAVE to tell the doctors and nurses if anything hurts or feels funny!" He gave me a horrible look and grunted :)

Kaylin started taking art classes at Lakeview. It is the same teacher she had at her primary school. I was a little worried she'd be discouraged because the class is for ages 9-14. She was (according to her) the best in her classes last year and some of the older kids are drawing AMAZING stuff. She's had two 90 minute classes and loves them. They've been working on architecture, drawing from photos. Kaylin was one of three kids to win a cookie for drawing detail. (?) When the class is over the parents are invited in and the teacher shows everyone's work. He always teases Kaylin because she can't help but add "cartoonish" detail. Everyone else is very serious about drawing their building- Kaylin adds the sun and covers the walls with birds and flowers. It cracks me up that the teacher has to work so hard to suppress how annoyed he is. Dude! It's a 10-yr-old drawing a building. Lighten up!

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