Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to Work!

I finally made it back to work! I will be working half-days for a week and then will likely go back to my full-time, regular schedule. I'm still in the cast until further notice. At first I was extremely annoyed about the half-days, but today I am glad. Would I have worked all day? Of course! But man, I'm tired. I haven't been on my feet that much or worked that much for 7 weeks. My feet hurt, but the pain is from being on them; my tendon injury area doesn't hurt at all. My plantar fasciitis hurts a little. I'm putting heat on my bad foot and stretching my good one. I think I'll rest and elevate the rest of the day.

My morning was wonderful. I got an awesome reception from my animals. It was so cool! Yes, I really, truly, actually, for real believe most of them recognized me and were happy to see me. Probably the most flattering greeting was from Darwin, the Galapagos tortoise. Usually the Galaps aren't overly fond of human contact. Darwin heard my voice and immediately came up to the front of his stall to say hi. He even let me rub his head a little. It made me feel really good. I had a volunteer who helped a lot. The piglets are HUGE! It's great to be back!

The kids also went back to school today. After nearly two weeks of staying up late and sleeping in, they were zombies this morning. Kaylin was happy to get back to her friends but Logan was very sad and wished for more time off. Gene went back to work yesterday. We really did have one of the best vacations I can remember. It was great to just hang out and chill rather than go, go, go the entire time. I'll have to try to remember this when I have time off and am not hobbled :)

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