Saturday, October 31, 2009

Swine Flu?

A week ago Thursday I returned to work after taking two days off with sick kids. I told my boss I thought they weren't sick enough to have had swine flu and got to work. By the end of the day I was completely wiped out. Well, maybe that was because I spent the previous two days doing absolutely nothing. I spent Friday doing as little as possible and by bedtime felt sick. Saturday I had a fever and felt horrible. Sunday I woke up without a fever and forced myself to go to work. I made it until lunch before I went home with a fever and slept the rest of the afternoon/night. Monday and Tuesday I had no fever but felt really run down and was coughing horribly, to the point my back and shoulders ached. Wednesday morning I was so wiped out I called off work and once again slept all day. I forced myself to go back to work Thursday because I was scheduled to train a coworker. My cough was still the worst I can ever remember, but I was feeling much better overall. It's Saturday and though my cough has improved tremendously, it is still pretty bad. I'm still a little wheezy and a little more run down than usual. Swine flu? I have no idea. I kept forcing myself to stay away from the doctor by reading about my symptoms online and convincing myself that antibiotics would not help my virus. The green phlegm I was producing was a sign of the END of my illness, not necessarily pneumonia.

I'm on vacation this week because I needed to use up time before the end of the year. Gene and I had planned to do something without kids this weekend. The kids were all thrilled about getting to spend two nights at Grandpa and Grandma's house and go trick-or-treating in their neighborhood. Our original plans to go to Starved Rock fell through because I put off booking the Lodge due to illness and then they were booked. We're currently in Schaumburg. We shopped and ate at Fuddruckers last night. I have no idea what we'll do today and if we'll spend another night in Chicagoland or go home tonight. I feel pretty good and can control my cough enough to not completely alarm those around me :) Gene's all worried he's going to get my disease from sharing time in the car with me. He's shared the same house and bed with me from day one of my illness. Surely I can't still be highly contagious? No idea. I also have no idea what I have/had. It was incredibly much worse than a cold. It had to have been the flu. Must've been swine flu. And I'm still alive...

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