Thursday, October 1, 2009

I've been waiting and waiting for weeks to find out what kind of deal Disney will be having for January. Last year we got buy 4 get 3 nights free plus a $200 gift card. Most of this fall through Christmas week they have free dining. In previous years we've gotten ticket upgrades. This year? Buy 5 nights, get 2 free. Big whoop. That's maybe a $150 savings off my entire trip. The ticket upgrades before the recession hit were a better deal! For the moment anyway, we will not be going to Disney World in early 2010. Gene wants to go to San Diego for a few days and then drive up to Disneyland for a few days. That sounds great, but I don't want to make that flight in winter ever again! Last time we ended up stuck at Ohare in a blizzard for three days. No thanks! We're also considering going to Orlando and doing non-Disney stuff such as Universal Studios, Sea World and driving to a beach (that's not a tiny strip located directly next to a nuclear power plant.) A couple of years ago Logan was set on going to Texas. Maybe we could do that?

Also, I have vacation time I need to use before January. I couldn't get an entire week off when Gene and the kids are off for two weeks at Christmas. I couldn't get the 2nd week of November which includes Logan's birthday. I couldn't get any full week in October. I finally opted for the first week in November (which for me actually starts on Friday, October 30th.) I figured I could pull the kids out of school that Friday and we could go somewhere for a 3-day weekend so Gene wouldn't have to take any extra time off. Well. I wasn't thinking about Halloween and the fact that Kaylin REALLY, REALLY wants to go to her classroom party. Ugh! That severely limits our options if we don't leave town until 3:30pm. I can't do the next weekend because I have to go back to work Sunday and can't get that day off. Anyone have any ideas where we could go? Preferably not a waterpark hotel?

Ack. Better stop writing and get ready for work. I have to go in early so I can leave early for yet another podiatrist appointment. Last time I was the youngest person in the packed waiting room by easily 30 years. And if it hadn't been for the driver/caregivers in the crowd it probably would have been 40 or 50 years :) My foot hurt horribly and I was terrified I was going to have to give up my seat. Fortunately, a group of 3 was called back to a room right before the next person arrived. The youngster got to sit. Yes, my life is hard, lol.

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