Friday, October 9, 2009

How the Touch 'n Brush has changed my life!

Let's see... Some of the amazing claims of the Touch 'n Brush are less mess and less waste of toothpaste. I have NEVER spent so much time cleaning toothpaste as I have in the past week. The TNB is always coated with paste. Also, it dispenses "the perfect amount of toothpaste which just happens to be about 4 times as much as the kids normally use and twice as much as I would use. This results in toothpaste all over the sink and countertop. I don't like the Touch 'n Brush. It has not improved my life at all. Yep, it has my my life more difficult. Poor, poor Susy. ;)

Today Gene and I went shopping for Logan's birthday present. Logan originally asked for this huge remote controlled dinosaur that cost ~$150 at Target. The ages on the box were 3-10 but it looked like it was definitely more suited to the younger kids. I tried to convince myself that it would be fun to scare the cats, but I just kept coming back to the conclusion it would be a huge waste of money. He'd play with it a couple of days, figure out all the tricks and be done.

Gene's been wanting to get him a go kart ever since we went to Wisconsin Dells. Gene found a used NASCAR themed kart online and even called and inquired. I was very against a gas powered kart for a 7-yr-old- too loud, too fast and too expensive for gas. I started looking into battery powered karts and found one made by Razor that had good customer reviews and cost about the same as a Power Wheels toy vehicle. (He plays with our neighbor's Barbie Jeep Power Wheels every chance he gets.) We argued back and forth and finally decided there would be absolutely nothing he would like more than the go kart and that this would be that "once in a childhood" awesome birthday present.

Anyway, I shopped extensively online, but we decided to try a couple of sporting goods stores today. We stopped at Dunham's this morning and found the slightly better dune buggy model kart on clearance for $70 less than I found it anywhere online. It was also $30 more than the model we wanted to buy. We decided to try Dick's before we made our final decision. Dick's had battery scooters but no go karts. Gene finally convinced me that inflatable tires and suspension, as well as a safer-looking body were worth the extra thirty bucks. We headed back to Dunham's and bought the dune buggy.

We opened the (HUGE) box to find the kart fully assembled with a charged battery! There was absolutely nowhere we could hide this kart or box so we decided to go ahead and give it to him early. His excitement was AWESOME! He drove up and down the street a zillion times and then Kaylin did and the two older neighbor kids. Gene took it for a spin. Then the kids all took turns. It's a great, fun toy I think will get a ton of use.

Kaylin has taken over the box and is turning it into a house. I'm sure it will cause Gene no end of stress to have Kaylin's house in the middle of the living room :) The cats love the huge box.

I have three weeks until my vacation. As usual, I have no idea what I'm going to do. My new option I thought of today was going somewhere by myself. I could really go anywhere and do something I want to do. I'll have to give it a lot more thought... Right now I'm just focused on the fear that I may have to get a cortisone shot in the bottom of my foot on Thursday. I've heard they're incredibly painful, but I don't know anyone who's had one in their foot. Yikes!

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