Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Vacation, yawn.

Well, I'm on vacation from work this week and feel like I'm accomplishing next to nothing. My illness last week really knocked me out. I'm still tired and coughing and lacking my usual energy. I guess I'm glad to be home and have time to recover rather than working and wiping myself out. Relaxation is rarely high on my vacation priority list, but this week I'm getting plenty. I'm also bored out of my mind :)

Gene and I ended up going to Lincoln Park Zoo on Saturday. I haven't been there in a few years and they opened a couple of new exhibits. We had a great time strolling around and seemingly had the whole zoo to ourselves. Gene was thrilled to have scored the best free parking space possible, right in front of an entrance gate. I was thrilled to watch the wolf pack catch a squirrel and scrap over who got to carry it around. They were still playing with the carcass when we left several hours later so I guess it was just a toy, not a snack. We then stopped and shopped in Bolingbrook and Joliet and slowly made our way home. I was disappointed at our shortened trip, but didn't feel like walking through huge museums and couldn't imagine spending another day shopping. We did at least get a good chunk of Christmas shopping out of the way!

This week I'm taking it easy, going through stuff to send to Goodwill and spending WAY too much time with my computer. Gene's work schedule has changed yet again and he's back to working five eight-hour shifts with Saturday and Sunday off. Poor guy can't win with his new job. I guess I better shower and get ready to take the kids to school. Today I'm going to force myself to get a haircut. Ugh. Tomorrow I have parent teacher conferences. Ah, new year, new teachers. What wonderfully stupid things have my kids done in the past couple of months?

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