Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blah dee blah

Whoohooo!!! I am done with all of my major Christmas shopping. I haven't bought candy for the kids' stockings because I'll eat it. I also plan to hit Michaels on Black Friday, but only if they have their usual 40% off your entire purchase coupon. I'll buy a few stocking stuffers and Kaylin wants some green yarn. (?) I kept on budget and managed to get the kids pretty much everything on their lists. (Kaylin actually made a list and had "a real cooking station" on it. Um... Does she want her own oven? She can have the one in the kitchen :) I found some great surprises, especially some new books Kaylin doesn't know exist. Yeeeeeeeee! Now I just need a better place to hide this stuff.

The kids are off of school today and I took the day off of work. I also had yesterday (Tuesday) off because I switched days with a coworker. I'll have to work Saturday, but it was great to have yesterday off by myself and complete that shopping before the mega-crowds hit. I don't know what we'll do today, but hopefully it won't involve the neighbor kids being here all day long!

Speaking of the neighbors, their awful, out of control, untrained border collie jumped the fence into our yard on Saturday. Brady was locked in his crate while Gene was working in the front yard with the garage door open. Stupid Dog entered our garage through the doggie door and proceeded to mark (pee on) every open surface inside our garage. This included Brady's crate and dog bed. I walked out there and was Ticked. Off. Brady would NEVER pee in the garage! I spent way too much time cleaning up after Stupid Dog. I dragged him home and threw him into his own yard and left a long note about what a pain it was to clean all THEIR dog's pee out of my garage and would they PLEASE find a way to contain their own dog! And that he barks nonstop while they're gone and that I've heard other neighbors complaining about him and yelling at him to be quiet. They have avoided me since (which is more than fine) and Stupid Dog has not been back in our yard. They haven't refrained from sending their children over to play at dinner time. Oh well. I can't have everything :)

One bit of good news came from the podiatrist. I've had horrible plantar fasciitis pain since last spring. It has been bad enough to majorly affect my life and decisions about vacations, etc. I haven't been able to run or even walk for exercise and have gained some weight. For most of the summer, the pain was the major focus of my life. I could make it through my workday, but would come home to immediately soak and stretch and ice and wrap my feet. I've been on a high dose of an arthritis drug for months. I spent hundreds on custom orthotics and new shoes. I've previously only visited the doctor this many times for pregnancy. Anyway, the pain has steadily been getting better. My left foot is almost completely better. My right foot still hurts, but is sooooo much better. My life no longer revolves completely around my feet! I had yet another appointment on Monday and told the doc I'd like to start exercising again and figured losing some weight would help my feet as well. He misunderstood my intentions and thought I WANTED to start running again. He quickly forbade me to run or even walk for exercise, but said I can use an exercise bike. Being "forbidden" to run again (at least for a while) makes me happier than I can express :) I hate running :)


Kathy Schrenk said...

OMG, where do you get a 40% off your PURCHASE at Michael's?? If I had known about that, I would have gone there on Black Friday (there's one a mile from our house). That would have been aweseome for my candle making "business"

ZuDuSu said...

Sorry, I confused the usual 40% off ONE item with the Black Friday 25% off entire purchase. Still a good deal, but not THAT good of a deal :)