Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day outing

I had to work Sunday so I wanted to celebrate Mother's Day with my family on Saturday. I didn't have an exact plan in mind, I just wanted to go somewhere and do something fun. I wanted to go places I've never been before and have a relaxing good time. Unfortunately, Gene and the kids had other plans. The kids wanted to play with the neighbors and Gene wanted to mow the lawn. Yeah, tough crap, I win because I'M the mother and it's Mother's Day and you have all day actual Mother's Day to do that stuff while I'm at work!

So we all piled into the van. The kids were whining about WHERE we were going and Gene was disgusted that I didn't have an EXACT destination in mind. I was totally wasting everyone's time! I told him to drive toward Chillicothe. I've never been to Three Sisters Park or Camp Wokanda and we were going to check out both of those places :) As we set out on our journey, Gene calmed down and remembered a road that runs alongside the river all the way to Chilli. We took it and marveled at the high water and watched ducks and geese. Once in Chilli, the kids remembered a park with a really big slide where they watched fireworks last year. We went. It was right on the river. After sliding a bunch of times we went and threw rocks and sticks in the river. Huh, this was turning out to be fun after all.

After we'd had enough sliding and rock throwing, we headed to Three Sisters Park. Gene assured me there was nothing there, but I wanted to stop anyway, just to say I'd been. We drove back into the park and found many campers, drove a little more and discovered border collie herding trials! Cool! The kids were AMAZED that Horrible Neighbor Dog's breedmates were actually intelligent! We watched a few dogs herd their sheep and played with a very nice border collie who didn't leap straight into the air trying to bite our faces. A very fun unexpected find.

On to Camp Wokanda! I really just wanted to see the place, not actually stop to hike or anything because The Bottomless Pit a.k.a. Logan was STARVING and would probably DIE on the trail. We pulled into a parking lot and got out to use the (very nice and clean) bathrooms. Behind the bathrooms was a field. A field FULL of those nutty Renaissance reenactment people battling with swords. Hee hee. Talk about unexpected!

I was pretty pleased with my outing and wanted to end it with ice cream. Ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery! But, I forgot that the mall hosts a big bash after Race for the Cure and from the highway the parking lot looked like the week before Christmas. We took another exit and went to Cheddar's instead to share a Cookie Monster and a Brownie Thunder. Mmmmmm. Perfection.

Oh, and since I failed to call- Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

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