Monday, August 4, 2008

if you lick it, it hurts

Yeeee hawwww! Summer activities are over! We made it through the second session of swimming lessons without any vomiting. It will be WONDERFUL to not have to sit by the pool tonight. It is sooooo nice to just come home after work. The kids love it too. Next year we will only sign up for one session of swimming lessons! (Pounding that into my brain...) I'm hoping both kids will agree to karate again this fall since it's only one night a week.

We've been riding bikes a lot this week. I finally rode both to and from work on Saturday. I'm going to try to ride Saturdays from now on. Logan wants to ride up and down the street every evening, all the time. The kid is a speed demon. He rides so fast on his tiny kiddie bike I actually have to TRY to keep up with him. The neighbors all comment on how fast he is. If he ever falls he will probably lose many teeth. Shudder.

Buying school supplies was always one of my favorite things to do. Going to Ben Franklin and picking out a new pink eraser and brand new crayons was awesome! My mom was a major cheapskate and would rarely allow me to buy all the cool folders and notebooks so I had to use my own money. It was totally worth it! I decided that if "I" ever had kids I would not be so MEAN and that I'd allow them to get the supplies they wanted. School supply shopping with Kaylin is a blast. She loves to pick through the folders and find the perfect ones. She loves to sharpen the entire box of 20 pencils and make name labels for all her stuff. Choosing a new lunchbox is the thrill of her existence.

This year I was soooo excited about adding Logan to our fun. Too bad he could not possibly care less :) Usually he feeds off Kaylin's excitement, but not over school supplies. I mean, he was not interested AT ALL. He glanced at the lunchboxes and spent about half a second deciding between Batman and Spiderman. (Batman) I then practically forced him to choose two folders. He groaned and dragged himself over and grabbed the front Batman folder- didn't even CARE about looking at the other choices and then refused to pick a second folder. He wanted ME to do it. Sigh. (Oooh, Doug, Trapper Keepers are back!! If I could have thought of ANY reason I could use one I would have gotten one for myself.)

The other night Logan fell and scraped his knee. It was bloody and awful and must have hurt because he was actually crying. I got him cleaned up and put on a bunch of Neosporin and a big Band-aid. About an hour later I caught him messing with the Band-aid and asked if it still hurt. His reply? "Only when I lick it." EEEWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! You're eating half a tube of Neosporin!!!! Should I call poison control? Eh, it didn't make him sick. But still, YUCK!!!!


Kathy Schrenk said...

a) bike riding is awesome!

b) omg, Trapper Keepers are SO awesome! I wish I had a picture of the super 80s design one I had when I was a kid!! I twas so cool! It had, like, little bubbles on it. And it was neon pink.

c) I'm pretty sure that much neosporin is not going to hurt him :-)

Doug said...

I'm thrilled that you mentioned my name in the Trapper Keeper paragraph of your blog! Sam and Eli weren't really into the school supplies this year, either. Filling up a cart at Target has none of the magic of finding your teacher's list in a frame above the shelf at the old Ben Franklin on Main Street. I usually spent so much time picking out supplies that I had to take a break and use that 75-year-old toilet in the back room.

tarable said...

I called my friend Chris at work to let him know about the return of the Trapper Keeper. He is actually considering taking a class so he can have an excuse to buy himself one.