Sunday, August 24, 2008

class lists

Kaylin AND Logan's (wooohoooooooo!!!!!) school started a new fee night this year where parents can pay book/registration fees as well as get info about the PTO or buy school t-shirts, etc. Class lists were also posted for the first time and there was a kindergarten orientation. Whoever came up with this idea gets a big cheer! It was incredibly efficient and convenient!

Logan has the same kindergarten teacher Kaylin started with. (They added a 4th K class Kaylin's year and she was moved to a different teacher in October.) We really like this teacher so Gene and I are excited. Logan was thrilled about his new classroom. He got to find his seat and he just sat at his table, taking everything in while I filled out his emergency contact card and his bus and after school information sheet. Mrs. S had a scavenger hunt game for the kids so they'd find different areas of the classroom and then different areas of the school. It was great to have Kaylin along to explain how the lunch line works and where he'd sit for lunch. Logan tried out the bathroom and happily munched on Oreos and peach flavored gummy rings. He can't wait for Tuesday!

Kaylin didn't seem to care one way or another about her 3rd grade teacher. I've never heard of her, but will probably recognize her when I see her. Kaylin was just happy her best friend is in her room again this year. She ran into a couple of classmates whose siblings are also starting K this year so she was happy and excited.

I'm trying to remember if I ever cared what elementary school teacher I got. I absolutely loved riding my bike to Lettie Brown to check the class lists, but I think I was way more concerned about who was in my class than who the teacher was. I guess I didn't really know the higher grade teachers until I was in that grade. It was probably junior high before I knew enough to want Mr. X over Mrs. Y for math.

Friday was Kaylin's final day of daycamp and Logan's final day at Rogy's. Logan seems glad to be finished at Rogy's (because he's excited to start kindergarten) but he can't quite wrap his brain around the fact he won't be going there anymore. He is so confused that he won't be attending their schoolage program. I think the kids talk about "schoolage" like it is the pinnacle of coolness so he was looking forward to graduating to awesomeness. If they didn't charge twice as much as the YMCA latchkey program at the school, I'd possibly consider it :)

Logan brought home a huge pile of stuff. Spare clothes and nap blankets and a whole bunch of artwork. I was skimming through his artwork when I noticed a collage of magazine pictures he cut out and pasted onto a sheet of construction paper. There were several pics of various vehicles, a few animals, a house and a couple of outdoorsy scenes. Pretty consistent with what I'd expect. Other than the picture of Paris Hilton in a dress with the "neckline" at her belly button... That collage went into the Keep Pile :D

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