Saturday, May 17, 2008

yippee warm weather!

I had an interestingly boring week doing some things I've never done before. I took a shower with Pam. I mean the cooking spray, not a woman :) I found online that cooking spray will remove spray paint from your skin. My arms and legs were gray with spray paint and Pam and a lot of scrubbing with a nail brush did the trick! We moved the giant tortoise using a trailer. (He usually walks back and forth between his winter and summer homes but the new zoo construction made the walk a bit too dangerous this year.) He walked right onto the trailer and the entire move took about 25 minutes as opposed to the usual hour-and-a-half to many, many hours. He will be moving to the new area of the zoo where he will have a year-round enclosure so hopefully he'll only have one more move EVER. I can tell it's summer because I'm having difficulty determining whether all the blotches on my arms and legs are filth, paint, wounds or bruises. Hurray for shorts weather and hard work!

The kids are having a blast with the warm weather. Logan's been riding his training wheel free bike pretty much nonstop. Kaylin got a new bike on her PawPaw shopping spree adventure and has also been riding nonstop. Both kids got their karate green belts this week. They're stopping karate for the summer because they'll be taking swimming lessons. Plus, Logan's playing tee ball and Kaylin's got daycamp. The neighbor kids are over most of the time we're home. The other night I told the little girl that they'd have to go home at 7:30 because my kids needed showers. She informed me several times that HER MOM said they could stay until EIGHT. She seriously kept arguing with me that she could stay til 8 because her mom said so. I finally played the "My house, my rules" card and sent her home at 7:15. Brat!

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