Sunday, May 25, 2008

end of school

It's Memorial Day weekend. Thursday will be Kaylin's last day of school. Logan is technically finished with preschool. Time is flying! I have two more days of work before my glorious twelve day vacation. Meanwhile, we're crazy with all the end of school year activities as well as pre-inspection preparation at work.

I must have been psychic when I signed up to have this time off work (back in January.) On top of the crazy inspection preparation, our beloved boss and best part-time keeper are both quitting at the end of the month :( Everyone is stressed to the max and I'll miss almost two weeks of it. For two more work days I'll paint and weed and clean like a maniac...

Gene and I spent our 15th wedding anniversary at Kaylin's school picnic. It was actually much better than it sounds, but not exactly the cruise or trip to Mexico my coworkers were fondly remembering for their 15th. Gene found out that the 15th is the "crystal anniversary" and thought it would be amusing to get me a crystal tiger. He found one online for $150 and wisely chose NOT to buy it. (My cheap butt would have kicked his!) He did find me a tiny "crystal" tiger (I think carved out of quartz?) for $3.50 at the fossil store at the strip mall of Kaylin's field trip. I love it!

Logan had an adorable preschool graduation ceremony on Wednesday night. He dressed up in a tie and got to wear a cap and gown and receive a diploma. The teachers spoke and the graduates performed a song. Stinking cute.

I had my final parent-teacher conference at Logan's preschool on Thursday. It lasted about two minutes and was completely positive. Phew! His teacher said he's ready for kindergarten. I assumed, but reassurance is always nice :)

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