Tuesday, May 13, 2008

If you have a car-lovin' little boy, take him to see Speed Racer! It was a little long, but full of action and lots of bright colors. Needless to say, Logan loved it. I loved it too!

I had a fabulous Mother's Day weekend. Work has been insane, with tons of painting, weed pulling and other extra projects on top of my already busy days. We have a huge inspection coming up and everyone's working crazy-hard to get ready. By my weekend I'm exhausted and in desperate need of relaxation. Sunday we decided to go see Speed Racer. We arrived at the movie theater to find a packed parking lot and a line out the door. Um, no. We quickly decided to put off the movie until Monday afternoon and went to Cheddar's for a double Cookie Monster instead. It was the first time we took the kids for a Cookie Monster and they were VERY impressed. We then went to WalMart and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening relaxing at home.

Monday, Logan had an early doctor appointment and then his kindergarten shots at the health department. The doctor appointment was to recheck his ears following his string of ear infections over the winter. We got right in, the doctor saw us immediately and his ears were fine! No tubes :) Logan and I then killed the time before his vaccines at Barnes and Noble. He had to have four shots and was determined to NOT CRY. The kid didn't even whine. I was quite proud! As a reward I let him choose where we'd eat lunch. He chose Chili's so he could get (eyes rolling out of my head) Kraft macaroni and cheese. Oh well, it was really fun. Logan used his crayons to draw butts all over his menu. (Is it wrong that I laughed and encouraged him to draw piles of green poop along with his butts? Yeah, I obviously don't care if it is...)

After acting so big all morning and eating at an "adult" restaurant for lunch, Logan was feeling mighty old. When we got home he insisted I take the training wheels off his bike (tra-la-la-la, finally!!!!!!!) He even let me teach him to ride in the driveway. He spent the rest of the afternoon playing with the neighbor kids. We picked up Kaylin at school and met Gene at the movie theater for the 4:30 showing of Speed Racer. Instead of suffering in a sold out theater, we were with ONE other family. Definitely worth the wait! We ended the day with dinner at Culver's. A Mary Poppins practically perfect in every way weekend!

I'll need that weekend to get me through my 6 day workweek! I agreed to work this coming Sunday because they only had three keepers. Today I had a project day and went through seven cans of spray paint and one can of latex paint in the tiger house. I also filled a garbage barrel with weeds, weighed the giant tortoise (478#), cleaned and perched an unused barn for a new quarantine bird and deep cleaned a toad tank. I CANNOT WAIT until this inspection is over!

Kaylin had her strip mall field trip today. She brought home some fossil shark teeth and polished rocks from the fossil shop and a plastic piggy bank from the bank. The quilt shop was boring, but she wants to take Grandma there because they have scrapbooking stuff. Lunch at the pizza place was good, as was the karate demonstration. I still think it was a STUPID field trip but she had a good time. Oh, she was disappointed that her group ran out of time and didn't get to go to the dry cleaners, LOL.

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