Saturday, January 5, 2008

parent teacher conference, take two

Yippee skippy, yesterday was Logan's parent teacher conference. Sure, he's only in preschool, but after Kaylin's I wasn't really looking forward to it. Logan has the same teacher as last year. She's very young but takes her job VERY seriously. At our last conference we discussed Logan smacking her in the face. Fortunately, I was far more concerned about it than she was- she said he was very frustrated about something and he hit her. YIKES, but she called it a one-time incident and totally blew it off. This time she had nothing but good things to say. Phew!

Mrs. T went on and on about how helpful Logan is at cleanup time and how she wishes the other parents would teach their kids to pick up after themselves. I just smiled and pretended to be a good parent while laughing to myself about my poor OCD husband and son who can't tolerate messes. Gene gets 100% of the credit for passing on that (uh) useful gene :)

My boy's ready for kindergarten and the conference lasted only 10 minutes. Not bad...

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