Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Homework and Tigers

I really shouldn't complain about Kaylin's teacher and homework. She usually only assigns spelling and vocabulary words, with an occasional math worksheet or reading assignment thrown in. Homework rarely takes Kaylin longer than ten minutes and most nights she doesn't have any.

Lately, however, Mrs. G's been sending home these AWFUL sheets with a word search on one side and scrambled words on the other. I hate them because Kaylin hates them. They take her FOREVER to complete. She gets frustrated and bored and doesn't find them at all fun. I inevitably help her finish because I can't stay up late enough for her to finish by herself. Oh well, at least Mrs. G doesn't assign the STUPID coloring sheets Kaylin's 1st grade teacher so enjoyed... Coloring for homework? Pulleeeeeze!!!!

Yeah, I know, I've experienced NOTHING in the way of homework yet! I'm not looking forward to essays and reports and huge math assignments. At least my kids didn't go to my niece's preschool. Poor Sarah has to "help" three-yr-old Abbey make trees and collages and dioramas. What a Waste of Time!!!!

On to the tigers. I split the contents of a feather pillow into two paper lawn bags. I don't know how many ducks (yes, 100% duck feathers) died to fill this pillow, but I'm guessing about 12,000. One flattish rolled-up pillow contained the most unbelievable amount of feathers! Before they settled, the feathers filled HALF of each lawn bag. I bought two pillows, but decided that would be WAY too much mess to clean up afterward!

I took my lawn bags of feathers to the zoo on Monday (my day off) so I could spend as much time as I wanted watching the tigers and not have to worry about getting back to work. I placed the bags in the tiger yard and got ready outside with my video camera. Several of my coworkers came down to watch.

The tigers ran straight for the bags and ripped them open. When they pushed on the bags, feathers wafted out. When they grabbed the bags in their teeth and ran around the yard, feathers fell out in thick trails. Kyra finally dumped the contents of both bags and there were two huge mounds of feathers. It was HILARIOUS to watch and the tigers had a blast!

After about 15 minutes the humans were freezing and had to get back to work. The tigers and the tiger yard were both covered in feathers. It was a good time and definitely worth doing on my day off. I stayed a few more minutes but the tigers were ready to relax and lay in the feathers. My video is ok, but pretty shaky. I'm glad I took it.

This morning much of the tiger yard appeared to be covered in snow. I cleaned up the huge piles, but the trails and scattered feathers were frozen to the ground. I can't BELIEVE all the feathers came from one little pillow! I'm going to be cleaning feathers for weeks. Totally worth it :)

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